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Mall Automation 2024 - Oxygen Company For Automation Systems

Smart Mall@ Jordan - Supply, installation and maintenance of smart Mall systems 2024 in Jordan - Supply and installation of smart Mall remote control systems - Supply and installation of remote Market automation control systems - Supply and installation of smart Mallcsystems in Jordan - Jordan Smart Mall

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In an era characterized by technological advancement and the rise of artificial intelligence, malls and shopping centers are witnessing a significant shift towards automation and smart control of electric loads. This transition is not only a response to technological progress but also a response to increasing corporate interest in improving energy efficiency and reducing operational costs.
Benefits of Automation in Malls:
  1. Reduced Administrative Costs: Through automation, malls can reduce administrative costs by intelligently controlling lighting, air conditioning, and other devices according to actual needs.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Automation systems help create a comfortable and conducive environment for customers, such as controlling temperature, lighting, and music distribution harmoniously.
  3. Increased Safety and Security: Automation systems can monitor safety and security, such as detecting fires and leaks and automatically shutting down affected areas, thus reducing the risk of accidents.
  4. Improved Energy Efficiency: Automation systems can precisely adjust energy consumption according to demand, reducing waste and contributing to the mall's sustainability.
Significance of Electric Load Control:
  1. Energy Savings: Through smart control of electric loads, energy consumption can be significantly reduced by only operating devices when needed.
  2. Lower Energy Costs: By using electric load control systems, malls can substantially reduce electricity bills by avoiding unnecessary device operation.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: By reducing energy consumption, smart electric load control contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving the environment.
Practical Applications:
  1. Smart Lighting: Using smart lighting systems that can be controlled individually or automatically allows for energy savings and improved customer comfort.
  2. Air Conditioning and Heating: By using smart control systems, temperature can be adjusted automatically based on factors such as the number of visitors and outside temperature.
  3. Energy Management: Utilizing energy management systems to identify peak times and reduce loads during these periods helps lower energy costs.
Mall automation and electric load control are vital steps towards building a more efficient and sustainable commercial environment. With these advanced technologies, malls can achieve significant cost and energy savings, in addition to enhancing the customer experience and preserving the environment. It is important for companies to 

Oxygen Smart Systems Mall provides all types of applications for Mall systems Automation Smart Mall Automation Systems, in addition to the following services:
1- Intelligent lighting control system (off/on).
2- Lighting control system using motion sensors.
3- Strict lighting control system.
4- Lighting control (DALI) for every point in the facility.
5- An independent motion sensor without the need for the smart factory system through which the lighting can be controlled.
6- Motor control system.
7- Curtain control system.
8- Air conditioning control system.
9- Floor heating control system.
10- Swimming pool control system (lighting and pumps).
11- Irrigation monitoring system.
12- Water level monitoring system in tanks/wells.
13- Electricity monitoring system.
14- Intercom system.
15- Fire/theft alarm system.
16- Network system.
17- Audio system (internal speakers / external speakers / wall speakers / amplifier).
18- Camera surveillance system.

For inquiries and technical support, call now on For inquiries and technical support, call now on numbers
*- Sales Department :
 Eng.Zaid Musallam
* Marketing and Sales Manager:
Eng. Mohamed Athamna
* Engineering Supervision Director - Engineering Director: 
Eng. Aiman Abu Khashabeh
  Office Number - Office Phone Number 0096265511189
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