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Chinese Cars Dealer in Jordan - AIQAR EV Motors 0799999010

Chinese Cars Dealer in Amman, Jordan - Chinese Motors Dealer in Amman, Jordan - Cars Dealer and Agent For Electric Chinese Cars in Amman, Jordan - Chinese Electric Cars Importer, Supplier and Wholesaler in Amman, Jordan - AIQAR EV Motors 0799999010
The Best Chinese Car Dealer in Amman, Jordan - AIQAR EV Motors 0799999010
Arab Chinese Commodity Corporation is the Exclusive Agent Cars Dealer , Importer, Supplier Wholesaler and Distributor for AIQAR EV Electric Chinese Cars in Amman, Jordan
Chinese Electric Car Dealer EV in Amman , Jordan , Zarqa Free Zone - The Arab Corporation for Chinese Commodities is the Agent and Distributor of AIQAR EV Electric Chinese Cars in Jordan, Kuwait, and Iraq For inquiries 00962799999010
Chery New Energy is One Of The Best Chinese Global Brand Builder in EV Cars.
* AIQAR Electric Vehicles 2023/2024 Available Now For Sale at Jordan Exclusive Agent 
* AIQAR Electric Vehicles 2023/2024 available now for sale at Jordan Exclusive Agent 
Wide Range of 2023/2024 AIQAR EV cars to choose from with A manufacturing warranty for 8 years or 150,000 km, whichever comes first, on the battery and electrical system, and an 8-year free maintenance warranty, including parts and fees, in addition to the availability of a maintenance center equipped with the latest equipment and qualified maintenance engineers to work on AIQAR cars provided by the official and only agent for AIQAR EV cars in Jordan.
* AIQAR EV Made by Chery New Energy
* AIQAR Brand’s Profile : As an innovative smart EV brand owned by Chery New Energy, AIQAR is committed to leading the way towards a greener future of mobility and empowering people to live a sustainable and intelligent life.
* AIQAR Brand’s Vision : Exploring the Future of Green and Smart Mobility
* AIQAR brand now has seven major products, eQ, eQ1, eQ1 pro, eQ3, eQ5, eQ7 , ARRIZO e 
There is always one that satisfies you! Intelligent model, artistic appearance, pure electricity, and zero emissions. We are about to change the way of future mobility through design and technology. Only one thing left. The missing piece we're looking for is YOU! We, eQ family are waiting for you 
To inquire about prices, offers, and customer service, call now 0799999010
Arab Corporation for Chinese Commodity Located in Zarqa Free Zone, Jordan 
For inquiries and communication please contact us at 00962799999010
Jordan - Amman / Zarqa - Zarqa Free Zone - First Gate - Unit T 31 

For any inquiries and validation of the offer, contact the advertiser. All commercial operations are done without any interference or responsibility from the website.

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