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SkandiNavys Restaurant Menu @ Amman, Jordan 0790011108

Menu SkandiNavys Fast Food Restaurant - Scandinavian Fast Food Restaurant Menu in Amman, Jordan - SkandiNavy's Nordic Fast Food Restaurant in Amman Jordan - SkandiNavy's Menu 
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The first Nordic, Scandinavian fast food restaurant to serve your meal to your car in Amman Jordan
For Delivery Order Call Now 0790011108 
Dahyet AL-Amir Rashid - Al Rawabi - 22 Mamdouh Al Sarayrah Street , Amman Jordan
Helsinki Burger - Bergen Burger - Stockholm Burger - Skandi Burger - Oslo Burger  Copenhagen Burger - Scandinavian Burger - Nordic Food - Meatballs - Scandi Sweets - Scandi Salad

For any inquiries and validation of the offer, contact the advertiser. All commercial operations are done without any interference or responsibility from the website.

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